If you would like to join IASHA as a member, please fill out the contact form or send a mail asking for membership to admin@josha-archive.org.

Member benefits include:

  • Membership certificate
  • No submission fee for publishing an article in JOSHA journal
  • Becoming an official reviewer for JOSHA Journal
  • Regular newsletters about new publications and other developments

You can become a IASHA member with a yearly donation of 100 € to IASHA e.V. For students and members from low-income countries the yearly donation is 25 €.


Via bank transfer

IBAN: DE19 6805 0101 0013 5835 83

BIC: FRSPDE66XXX, Sparkasse Freiburg

Via PayPal

PayPal: iasha.e.v.donate@gmail.com

or submit the following form: